Phasing of re-opening, Back to work plan


~ All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized upon arrival in the work area each day.

~ Temperatures of all employees will be taken upon arrival in the work area each day and logged. If anyone presents with a temperature over 100.4 degrees, the employee will be sent home.

~ Employees will be instructed to wear a face mask when coming to and from the parking lot and while outside the work area, if unable to social distance (6 foot separation).

~ Social Distancing will be maintained at each work area.

~ If the physical layout of an office does not allow for 6 foot separation of work stations, we shall provide physical barriers, such as plexiglass, etc.

~ If employees are required to interact less than 6 feet apart, they will wear face masks.

~ If employees are required to interact with the public, face masks will be worn by all parties.

~ Face masks will be provided to visitors if they do not have their own. If a resident does not want to wear a mask. That is acceptable, other alternatives will have to be made to accommodate them either via phone, computer, mail. They will not be allowed to visit without a mask.

~ Hand washing and sanitizing will be required throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

~ All common surfaces will be sanitized during the day, by the employees.

~ Employees will be reminded to stay home if they are feeling ill.

~ Any employee that develops an illness during the day is to report such immediately to their primary care professional. An ill employee will be sent home and instructed to seek care from their medical care provider.

~ If a Town vehicle is used for travel it must be sanitized before it is used and after it is returned.

~ If a personal vehicle is being used for Town business, the vehicle shall be sanitized before and after the transport of persons.

~ Every effort should be made for only one occupant in a vehicle. If there is more than one occupant in a Town vehicle or a personal vehicle used for Town business, all occupants shall be wearing a face mask.

~ Town facilities to remain locked to the public until further notice.

~ All visitors will be logged in, Name, address, phone number, date and who they are there to see.

~ Visitors to the Town Hall will be led into the hallway to be directed to the appropriate department and location

~ The meeting room will be set up with appropriate social distancing seating.

~ All break rooms only one person allowed at a time. Breaks are to be taken at desk, outside, etc. 

~ No washable eating accessors permitted. All disposable plates, etc. Unless brought in from home and these items should be in a lunch bag.

~ Department Heads/Elected Officials are required to submit a “Safe Return to Work” plan to the Supervisor for review and approval.

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