MS4 Annual Report for Public View

Watershed Management Advisory Council

Mailing Address: 2200 Lake Road, Ontario, NY, 14519

Phone: (315) 524-2941

Fax: (315) 524-3840


Watershed Chairman: Adam Cummings (315) 524-7105 ext. 700


The Watershed Management Council was formed in 1993 and has taken several directions since its inception. There are five major watersheds in the Town of Ontario: Bear Creek, Deer Creek, Dennison Creek, Mill Creek, and Four Mile Creek. The Watershed has implemented a maintenance schedule to keep the watersheds operating to capacity. In addition, the Watershed has been working to clear the tributaries off the main creeks and provide guidance and assistance to residents with drainage concerns. The council has many resources and contacts available to assist the residents with their drainage issues.

The Council and Town officials also participate in the Ontario-Wayne Joint MS4 Coalition which provides training, resources and some funding for state and federal regulations in the four (4) areas of separate, storm sewer systems which govern proper land use & storm water management.

The future plans of the council include building and maintaining man-made drainage facilities such as retention and detention systems. These systems are used when drainage to an existing watershed is not feasible or cost effective. Properly constructed retention/detention systems provide new habitat for wildlife, plant life and water quality.

When residents deposit grass clippings, rocks and other debris into drainage ditches, swales or creeks they impede the flow of water causing problems to themselves and their neighbors. Please help us by cleaning the ditches, swales, creeks along your property. Remember to also remove leaves obstructing storm drains and culvert pipes so that the water can flow freely.