Business/Tax Incentives

The Wayne County Industrial Development Agency has implemented a county-wide policy for the provision of real property tax exemptions for the manufacturing sector. With an increased assessment of valuation there is a 100% tax abatement for the first 5 years, and 50% abatement for the second 5 years.  An exemption on the 1% mortgage tax also applies. This same tax exemption is available for a hotel/motel with a minimum of 100 rooms.

Program 485-b, Business Property Tax ExemptionThe 485-b Business Tax Exemption applies to county, town, and school district taxes.  It consists of a 50 percent exemption for the total increase in assessed value during the first year, for any construction or improvement exceeding $10,000.  The exemption is phased out 5 percent per year, over the next nine years. The 485-b Tax Exemption is available for all commercial and industrial projects including hotels and motels, but cannot be used in conjunction with the IDA PILOT program.  Application for this exemption must be filed within one year of the date of completion of the construction or improvement project.  A one page application, along with a copy of your Certificate of Occupancy,  to the assessor is all that is required.  Property must be used for service, retail, commercial, business or industrial activity.

Retail Incentives50% exemption which decreases by 5% over a ten year period on town, county, and school taxes on new building or improvements made to existing building.  An 8% sales tax exemption on construction costs and a 1% mortgage tax exemption also apply.

Microenterprise Revolving Loan FundProvides technical and financial assistance to existing or new businesses to create or retain jobs in Wayne County. Business must show a willingness to collateralize the loan. AMOUNT: Up to $25,000. BUSINESS SIZE: Five or fewer employees including owner. Source of funds is a Community Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Wayne County Industrial Site FundWayne County has set up an Industrial Site Fund to assist municipalities with public infrastructure improvements required to locate a manufacturing facility. Wayne County will assist in the cost of any required public infrastructure improvements at 1/3 of the total cost or $100,000., whichever is less. This can include any public water lines, sewer lines, roads, curbing, lighting, etc. In a typical situation, the county pays one-third, the town pays one-third and the developer pays one-third.

EnergyRochester Gas & Electric provides special development rates for economic development.  RG&E supplies consistent high level power that provides quality and reliability to the area.  No Brown Outs Here!

Ontario Township, Wayne CountyA "Good Neighbor" business-friendly community. We've created a "red-tape free" environment where companies and their employees flourish and grow. We offer a rural atmosphere where open acreage and industrial sites abound - complete with highway access, rail sidings, sewers, tax incentive packages, and morel Aim high! Set your sites on Ontario Township, Wayne County, in New York State!

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