Board of Ethics

The Town Board recognizes the need to establish rules and standards of ethical conduct for public officers and employees which, if observed, can enhance public confidence in local government.

Town of Ontario Municipal Code, Chapter 13 defines the role and responsibilities of the 5-member citizen Board of Ethics.  Each member serves a 5-year term; one seat becoming vacant at the end of each calendar year.
Please use to reach the Board of Ethics members. 

MEMBERS (term expiration)
Tom Drexler, Chairman (2024)
Scott Brower (2025)
James Gocker (2026)
Virginia Eaton (2027)
Christine LoDestro (2028)

Department Liaison
Ben Aman
(315) 524-7105 Ext. 100

It is the purpose of Municipal Code, Chapter 13 to establish standards of conduct, to provide for punishment for violations and to create a Board of Ethics to render advisory opinions to the Town's officers, town employees and members of the public within the parameters as provided in Chapter 13.

Any Town Board member or other board of the Town may request an advisory opinion directly from the Board of Ethics by contacting the Board of Ethics chairman.  Any other Town employee or member of the general public may request an advisory opinion from the Ethics Board by presenting such request in writing to the Town Clerk who shall present it to the Ethics Chair who will determine whether it is appropriate to refer it to the full Board of Ethics.  The Board of Ethics shall present their opinion to the Town Board and any board, employee or member of the general public that requested the opinion, or is the subject of such opinion, and file it with the Town Clerk.

Further information can be found at Municipal Code Chapter 13 Code of Ethics.

During the fourth quarter each year, each members of the Board of Ethics whose term is expiring is given the option to renew their membership on the Board.  If not continuing, they must notify the chairman of the Board of Ethics and/or the Town Clerk.