Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

As the name implies, the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board has been set in place to give advice to the Director of Parks & Recreation on activities and initiative; and to the Town Board when asked.  The Board consists of seven members who reside in the Town of Ontario and are appointed by the Town Board for a term of five years.  All vacancies which may occur shall be filled by the Town Board.

MEMBERS (term expiration)
Lee Stramonine, Chairman (2027)
Annette Eaton (2024)
Mary Hughson (2025)
Katie Kelsch (2026)
Josh Kuhn (2026)
Coralie TeWinkle (2028)
Chris Chimenti (2028)

Duties and responsibilities of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.

  • Recommend rules and regulations for the operation and conduct of recreational and park facilities and programs.
  • Oversee, but not supervise, recreation and parks programs as necessary.
  • Advise the Director relative to equipment and maintenance for recreation and parks areas and facilities.
  • Review budgets prepared by the director and make recommendations as appropriate.
  • Make recommendations to the Director and the Town Board for any proposed sale or purchase of park land.
  • Update the Five-Year Plan
  • Helps plan and supervise Parks & Rec. community events. ie. Summer Sendoff, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa’s Sleigh, Summer Concert Series and others as appropriate.

During the fourth quarter each year each member of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board whose term(s) are expiring are given the option to request reappointment to the Board.  If not continuing, they must notify the chairman of the Advisory Board and/or the Town Clerk.