Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

As the name implies, the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board has been set in place to give advice to the Director of Parks & Recreation on activities and initiative; and to the Town Board when asked.  The Board consists of seven members who reside in the Town of Ontario and are appointed by the Town Board for a term of five years.  All vacancies which may occur shall be filled by the Town Board.

MEMBERS (term expiration)
Lee Stramonine, Chairman (2022)
Jackie Stauring-Robusto (2023)
Coralie TeWinkle (2023)
Annette Eaton (2024)
Mary Hughson (2020)
Katie Kelsch (2021)
Robert Kelsch (2021)

Duties and responsibilities of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.

  • Recommend rules and regulations for the operation and conduct of recreational and park facilities and programs.
  • Oversee, but not supervise, recreation and parks programs as necessary.
  • Advise the Director relative to equipment and maintenance for recreation and parks areas and facilities.
  • Review budgets prepared by the director and make recommendations as appropriate.
  • Make recommendations to the Director and the Town Board for any proposed sale or purchase of park land.
  • Update the Five-Year Plan
  • Helps plan and supervise Parks & Rec. community events. ie. Summer Sendoff, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa’s Sleigh, Summer Concert Series and others as appropriate.

During the fourth quarter each year each members of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board whose term(s) are expiring are given the option to request reappointment to the Board.  If not continuing, they must notify the chairman of the Advisory Board and/or the Town Clerk.