Planning Board

(315) 524-7170 x302
(315) 524-4903


Ontario Town Hall
1850 Ridge Road
Ontario, NY 14519

The Planning Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

(term expiration)
Stephen Leaty, Chairman (2027)

Jason Coleman (2024)
Gerald Smith (2025)
Ken Conklin (2028)
Michael Luebbert (2026)

SecretaryJeremy Ladd

The Town of Ontario has adopted new Land Development Regulations and Public Works Requirements as of October 2008. Copies are available in the Building Department at a cost of $15.00.  The Planning Board reviews applications for subdivisions, site plans and special permits for new construction. Questions relative to the above may be directed to the Building Department.


To file an application:Planning Board Submission Requirements:
Highly recommend scheduling a pre-submission conference before submittal of application. Please call the Building Clerk, 315-524-7170 Ext. 302 to schedule a conference.

3 Paper Copies are needed of the following:
  • Subdivision/Site Plan application
  • Engineered drawings (stamped and signed) of project, including all applicable (traffic flow, shrubbery, refuse storage, lighting, parking)
  • SEQRA (short or long form depending on the project)
  • Elevation drawings
  • All checklists required for Planning Board review to be completed and provided with application.
One (1) full electronic version of your application emailed to

Incomplete submittals shall be course for rejection.

What is required after approvals have been granted?

After a resolution has been made by the Planning Board, a full set of mylars/maps must be submitted to the Building Department. With signature lines to include Town Engineer, Water Utilities Superintendent, Highway Superintendent and a 3L X 4W box for a stamp for the Planning Board Chairman.
  • It is the responsibility of the engineer to submit the mylars to the County.
  • The Building Department calls when all signatures have been obtained and mylars are ready for pickup.
  • The Building Department must receive two (2) paper copies, stamped received with a file number from the County before any building permits can be issued.
  • Any work completed before all Final approvals are granted will be at the developers own risk.
Plan Requirements

Article V, taken from the Land Development Regulations

Application Forms
SEQR Forms

Other Applications


2024 Application Deadline and Meeting DatesPlanning Board - Second Tuesday of the Month Public Hearing at 7:00 PM.  Filing deadline for submissions is 12:00 PM.

Meeting Minutes

Filing Deadline Re-Submittal Meeting Date
December 6 December 26, 2023 January 9
January 3 January 30 February 13
February 7 February 27 March 12
March 6 March 26 April 9
April 3 April 30 May 14
May 1 May 28 June 11
June 5 June 25 July 9
July 3 July 30 August 13
August 7 August 27 September 10
September 4 September 24 October 8
October 2 October 29 November 12
November 6 November 26 December 10
December 4 December 31 January 14, 2025

**During the months of June, July and August a second planning board meeting may be held at the discretion of the planning board.**

Application FeesApplication Fees and Engineering Review Fees must be paid to be placed on the Planning Board Agenda

Application Fees
  • Minor Subdivision (four lots or less) - $100.00
  • Major Subdivision (more than four lots) - $150.00
  • Special Permit (residential) - $75.00
  • Special Permit (commercial/industrial) - $150.00
  • Re-approve final plans; no changes - $50.00
  • Re-approve final plans with changes (per hour fee for engineering review) - $100.00
  • Public Posting Fee (sketch, preliminary & final plans) - $25.00

Residential Engineering Review FeesSingle Lot Subdivision/site plan
  • $400.00 per lot plus above application fee
Two Lot Subdivision/site plan
  • $500.00 base fee with above application fee
3 - 10 Lot Subdivision/site plan
  • $600.00 base fee plus $140.00/lot over 3 lots and application fee
More than 10 Lot Subdivision/site plan
  • $1,700.00 plus $50.00/lot over 10 lots

Commercial & Industrial Engineering Review Fees Review of concept plan
  • Actual cost - minimum fee of $100.00 plus application fee
  • (Subdivision, site plan, sketch, preliminary, and final)
Single Parcel
  • $1,200.00 (Minimum Fee) plus application fee, plus
  • $.07 per square foot of building size
Two Parcels
  • $1,400.00 (Minimum Fee) plus application fee
3 - 10 Parcels
  • $1,600.00 plus $150.00/parcel over 3 plus application fee
Over 10 Parcels
  • $2,000.00 plus $70.00/parcel over 10 plus application fee