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Referendum Ontario Golf Course

Why has the Town brought 2101 country club lane to the residents for a referendum?
For over 25 years the Town Plans (Comprehensive & Parks & Recreation Department) have indicated the need for additional parkland, open-space and greenspace.  This has been reinforced through surveys and public comment in the preparation of these plans.  Please find below some exerts from those plans.

  • 1998 Parks and Recreation 5 year Plan
    • One of the recommendations from the 1998 plan was to purchase an additional 40 acres of land for future development.  "Although within the last 5 years land was not purchased, this recommendation will carry forth in the 2004 Five-Year Plan.  The need for the land arises from the increased number of programs the town will have to simultaneously perform to continue to meet the leisure demands of the people of Ontario."
  • 2004 Parks and Recreation Survey
    • The survey results supported purchasing additional Parkland (84%)
    • Support Tax Dollars for Purchasing Parkland- 84%
  • “In preparation for this project, the public was asked for their input on funding alternatives. The Ontario Survey asked those surveyed if they would support an increase in taxes to purchase more parkland. Eight-four (84%) percent of those surveyed stated their approval for tax dollars to be used to support purchasing new parkland.  The survey also indicated that residents would be willing to pay an annual fee in the neighborhood of $10 to $50 dollars to support this purchase.   So, this is one way funds could be raised to obtain the necessary cash."
  • 2006 Town Wide Comprehensive Survey
    • Residents reported that the “open space/ green space” (74%) was important to them.
  • 2016 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan:
    • In the 2011 Parks and Recreation Survey, 85% of the respondents felt that open spaces provided economic benefit and 82% felt it improved property values.

In-Person Referendum Workshop
Workshops to be held in the Community Center Gymnasium located at Casey Park, 6551 Knickerbocker Road, Ontario.
~ Registration is required to attend ~
Workshops will include an informational presentation followed by a Question and Answer session for in-person attendance only.

Thursday, March 11 @ 7:00 pm ~ Register here
Thursday, March 25 @ 7:00 pm ~ Register here
Thursday, April 8 @ 7:00 pm ~ Register here
Saturday, April 17 @ 10:00 am ~ Register here


Characteristics of 2101 Country Club Lane 
Why it meets the plans and Survey recommendations:

  1.  Parks & Recreation Comprehensive Plans indicate a need for community parks to be at least 40 acres in size 
  2.  Centrally located and under developmental pressures
  3.  Currently the Town has no parcels accessible by dedicated highway south of 104 
  4.  Current Parcel has already been developed as a park, low development costs
  5.  2101 Country Club Lane would secure 162 acres of Greenspace
  6.  The parcel has potential and historical revenue streams to offset operational and acquisitioned costs

Proposed uses of the property
Golf Operations   Event Center   Pool Facility   Additional Opportunities
  • Continue golfing operations in a manner consistent with the other 121 municipal golf courses in New York State
  • Expand recreational opportunities through golf lessons and camps
  • Expand the availability of leagues and tournaments
  • Develop a Golf Academy
  • Provide an affordable alternate venue for weddings, graduation parties, etc.
  • Provide local service organizations access at a discount
  • Provide Town of Ontario restaurants the opportunity to expand offerings to their customer base
  • Provide additional meeting rooms and activity space
  • Local Benefactors have indicated that the availability of a $500,000 starter fund would be available on exploring the possibility of a year-round pool facility.
  • Swim lessons, Individuals with Disabilities Programs, Senior Exercise Programs, & Water Safety Classes.
  • Ice skating rink
  • Cross country skiing, snow shoeing and walking trails
  • Picnic and festival area
  • Disc golf
  • Pickle ball

Funding operation cost
Acquisition Costs   Operation Costs/Breakdown
  • The $1.1 million is $500,000 below the proposed assessed value
  • $400,000 from General Fund balance
  • $750,000 Obligation Serial Bonds with current interest rate below 2.5%
  • Anticipated annual average bond cost will be $34,000
  • No real estate commission or finder fees
  • Anticipated annual expenses/revenues are based on the review of the Ontario Country Club and other local municipally operated golf courses that was conducted over the last three months
  • Anticipated annual operational cost is $460,000
  • Anticipated annual operation revenue is $490,000
  • Projected not to be a financial burden to the tax base

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