FEBRUARY 15, 2021  --  8:00 P.M. EST

During tonight’s meeting, the Town Board voted on a public referendum to purchase the land that is currently being used as a golf course located at 2101 Country Club Lane.

This will open up the decision to residents to vote on the proposed purchase.

Ontario, located in Wayne County, plans to use the valuable real estate as an extension of the Parks and Recreation Department. It will explore options on utilizing the existing structure, including a pool area, and plans to open up the land as greenspace for residents.

The existing clubhouse will be used as an event center which will include a partnership between the town and local businesses and restaurants. 

It will continue to operate as an 18-hole golf course, which will create the funding for operations and maintenance.

“As an operating golf course, I am confident the land will not be a financial burden to taxpayers as it will support itself. I strongly feel, as a steward of the town, that we cannot only be concerned about taking actions to better the town today, but to invest in the town for future generations,” said Town Supervisor Frank Robusto. 

A recurring theme during town comprehensive plans is residents expressing the importance of having greenspace and recreational areas available to them. The golf course will lend itself to multiple recreational activities, including skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

As for a quick financial breakdown, the $1.1 million price tag is $500,000 below the proposed assessed value. With current interest rates, the town is confident it can lock in an attractive rate at under 2%. The majority of the money will come through bonds, with $400,000 coming out of the current fund balance. 

It is important to note, residents will have the ultimate decision-making power in this plan during an upcoming vote.   Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Frank Robusto
Supervisor Town Of Ontario
315-524-7105 x100