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Frank Robusto - Town SupervisorFrankRobusto-Pic-2010
Office Tel:  (315) 524-7105 x 100
Liaison For: Economic Development Receiver of Taxes Cemeteries/ Celebrations/ Veterans, Traffic Control/Signs Off St Parking
About: Frank Robusto is a lifelong  resident of Ontario: a former local business owner (real-estate): Served 8 years as a Town Councilman and Town Supervisor since 2018.

ROBERT KELSCH - Deputy supervisor (appointed)Robert Kelsch Deputy Supervisor
Office Tel:  (315) 524-7105 x 105
About: Robert Kelsch is a 50 year resident of Ontario; Retired engineer (34 years); Former Supervisor (2008 - 2013)

joseph catalano - town councilmanJoe Catalano Town Board
Liaison For: Business Manager, Town Clerk, Town Courts, Collective Bargaining/Union Contracts, Watershed Management/ MS4
About: Joe Catalano is a life-long resident of Ontario; a current town business owner (automotive) and a Town Councilman since 2014


Timothy Strickland - town councilmanTim Strictland

Liaison For: Business Improvement, Master Plan, Highway, Lighting/Decorations
About: Tim Strickland; Ontario has been the family home for the past 55 years; local business owner; Town Councilman since 2019

Scott TeWinkle - Town CouncilmanScott TeWinkle 2
Liaison For: Information Technology, Animal Control, Fire Protection/Ambulance Services, Parks & Recreation, Building/Code Enforcement/Safety Inspection, Policies


Jeremy Eaton - Town CouncilmanJeremy Eaton
Liaison For: Planning/Zoning, Sole Assessor, Waste Water/Water, Insurance, Sidewalks, Public Library
About: Jeremy Eaton is a lifelong resident of Ontario. After graduating from Wayne High School in 1996, Jeremy received his A.S in Liberal Arts at FLCC, and went on to earn his BA in Secondary Education/Social Studies and a Masters degree in Special Education from St. John Fisher.

Having served on the Wayne School Board for six years, Jeremy will bring his knowledge of public policy to the Ontario Town Board for a four-year term. Eaton values the opportunities Ontario has offered his family, and looks forward to serving his neighbors as a member of the Town Board.


InformationRegular Meetings - regular meeting of the Ontario Town Board shall occur on the second and the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00PM unless otherwise designated.  The purpose of these meetings are to make annual designations and appointments and to transact any other business which comes before the board.

Workshop Sessions - these meetings of the Ontario Town Board shall occur on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM unless otherwise designated.  Theses meetings are for the purpose of depth review of town board matters.

All of the above meetings are open to the public, except the portion of the meetings adjourned into executive session to discuss items outlined by the Open Meeting Law.  All meetings are posted by the Ontario Town Clerk and announced to the news media in advance as required by the NYS Open Meeting Law.  There will be one public comment time during each Regular Town Board meeting.  The Town Board encourages the public to attend all meetings.  If you wish to be on the agenda for one of the Regular Town Board Meeting please call the town supervisor's office at 524-7105, Ext. 100 no later than Wednesday 4:00PM prior to said regular meeting.

Many of the COVID-19 restrictions that were in place over the past several months have been lifted.  The Town Board and the other boards of the town have resumed meeting at town hall.  Residents and guests who have been vaccinated no longer need to wear masks.