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William Riddell, Director
Economic Development
6551 Knickerbocker Rd, Ontario, NY 14519
(315) 524-5908



KickStart LogoThe Wayne County Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is seeking entries for the second Annual Wayne County Startup Pitch Competition.  The competition is open to all Wayne County residents who have a new business idea or are in the concept stage.  The Winner will receive a $25,000 prize to kick-start their new business.  

"We're really excited to be doing this again this year," said Brian Pincelli, Director of Wayne County Economic Development and Planning.  "Given recent events, it is important to encourage entrepreneurship.  I know there are a wealth of creative ideas and motivated entrepreneurs in our County.  The Wayne County Startup Pitch Competition is an effort for us to help develop those creative ideas and turn them into businesses."

Starting in 2019, KickStart Wayne County is an initiative aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship and providing resources for new business development.  The primary undertaking of this initiative is the Wayne County Startup Pitch Competition.

"The second annual Wayne County Startup Pitch Competition is a great way to connect entrepreneurs and business development partners," said Katie Bronson, Deputy Director of Wayne County Economic Development and Planning.  "This year, we are providing online workshops and mentoring opportunities with some business development partners."

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Why Choose Ontario For Your Business?

  • Location
    • Ontario is situated between the two major cities of Rochester and Syracuse and is just 80 miles west of Buffalo.  Monroe County is our neighbor to the west. 
    • 15 minutes to the downtown Rochester Business District
    • Proximity to Rochester allows access to companies clustered in medical research, biotechnology/pharmaceutical, telecommunications, photonic/imaging and precision manufacturing.  Rochester is home to Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, and Eastman Kodak.
    • 35 minutes to the Rochester International Airport
    • 30 minutes to thruway exit #43 (Manchester) and exit #46 (Henrietta)
  • Transportation
    • Ontario offers easy access to State Route 104, a four lane divided highway as well as State Route 350.
  • Skilled Labor
    • The close proximity of Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester offers a new company potential to draw on an educated workforce.
  • Energy Savings in the Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park (WISP).
  • Approved Building Sites in the Beh and Ontario Industrial Parks.
  • Low Crime Environment for businesses and their employees which results in a reduced property insurance rate.
  • Empire Zone Benefits available in the Beh Industrial Park, Commerce Center Industrial Park, and Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park (WISP).
  • Great Quality of Life for employees provided by affordable homes, variety of nearby shopping plazas, excellent schools and medical facilities and recreational opportunities.

The Ontario Town Board has created an Economic Development Department at the town level to encourage development of industrial and commercially zoned areas by attracting new business and retaining current businesses.  Its purpose is to increase a sustainable tax base for its residents and improve their quality of life.  The Office of Economic Development offers assistance with site selection and coordinating applications with the Wayne County Industrial Development Agency, as well as local building, planning, and zoning boards.

Current demographic information is available upon request.  Please contact the Office of Economic Development at 315-524-5908, or email


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Industrial/Business Sites

Features of Industrial Parks

  • All infrastructure - gas, sanitary sewer and public water
  • Availability of the 585 area code (Beh Industrial Park, only)
  • Lots environmentally approved 
  • Empire Zone Benefits - Beh Industrial Park, Commerce Center Park
  • Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park (WISP)
  • Easy access from NYS Route 104 with a traffic light, providing safe access for customers, employees, and heavy equipment
  • Variable lot sizes from 1 to 60 acres
  • Low interest financing and incentives through the Wayne County Economic Development Corporation 


Site Information

Wayne Industrial Sustainability Park (WISP) - Empire Benefit Zone


  • Southeast corner of NYS Route 104  and Furnace Rd  (in front of Tops Supermarket Plaza)
  • 12,000 Sq.Ft. Available; Zoned Business
  • Current tenants:  H&R Block, Dunkin Donuts, Fancy Nails        
  • Contact: Matt Baldauf, Benderson
    • Leasing Agent (716) 878-9659


  • Five minutes east of Monroe-Wayne County Line Rd. and the Webster Xerox facility, on Dean Parkway, off of NYS Route 104.
  • Owners: Gordon and Dean Beh: (585) 265-0140
  • Zoned: Industrial 
  • Permitted Uses:  Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouse Distribution
  • Price:  $40,000/acre


  • North of the intersection of NYS Route 104 and Furnace Roads.  Fourteen acres on the west side of Furnace Road plus 65 acres available on the east side of Furnace Road. 
  • Owner: Gerber Homes: (315) 524-7890
  • Zoned: Industrial  
  • Permitted Uses: Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouse/Distribution
  • Price:  $35,000/acre


  • Aerial View
  • Summary Fact Sheet
  • Located east off of Dean Parkway, on the north side of NYS Rt. 104
  • Over 200 acres of industrial land available
  • Access from Timothy Lane, east off of Dean Parkway (behind Harbec Plastics)  
  • Recent improvements to Timothy Lane include upgrade to a 12 inch water line, extension of sanitary sewer, and paving of Timothy Lane 
  • Zoned: Industrial
  • Owner: Various Land Owners
  • Contact
    • Office of Economic Development
      • (315) 524-5908 


  • 6375 Furnace Rd. 1,000 ft. north of NYS Route 104
    • An Empire Zoned Facility
  • Zoned: Industrial
  • Permitted Uses:  Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouse, distribution and storage
  • Contact
    • George Leopard
      • (585) 746-1848
      • Linc Management, LLC, 840 East Avenue, Rochester, NY  14605
      • Fax:  (315) 524-3543
  • Workshop Space - 2500 Sq.Ft. (50' x 50" space) For Lease
    • Two drive-in doors - 14 ft. high by 12 ft. wide - Office and restrooms
    • Storage Yard Available.
    • $950/month plus utilities.
    • Quoted prices include all expenses except utilities. All spaces will be provided with heat and power as required, and are provided freshly painted and cleaned.
    • Office and other improvements can be provided as needed.


Tax Data

Town of Ontario 2012 Tax Rate

(Per Thousand/taxable Assessed Value)

  • School - $20.55 **
  • Town - $2.85 *
  • County - $7.54 *
  • Special District - $1.00 (est.)

(*) Payable on January 1st   (**) Payable on Sept. 1st

For more information, call 325-524-3441 ext. 400

The Town of Ontario has the lowest town tax rate (2008) in Wayne County

  • SALES TAX = 8% (NYS = 4%, Wayne County = 4%)
  • Shared among towns, county, villages and school districts.


Major Local Employers

Name Product or Service # Emp Union
Wayne Central School Dist. Education 525 Yes
Rochester Gas & Electric Power Generating 525 No
TOPS Supermarket Groceries 127 Yes
Optimax Systems Optics Industry 160 No
Harbec Plastics Plastics 100 No
Vette (formerly ERM Thermal Technologies) Heat Sinks 93 No
Rochester Industrial Control Electronic Assembly 90 No
WECO Metal Products Sheet Metal Fabricator 75 No
Town of Ontario Municipality 50+  Yes
Lakeside Roofing & Siding Materials, Inc. Roofing & Siding Materials Distributor 50 Unknown
Fred A. Nudd Corp. Tower Erections 30 No
Optipro Optics Industry 28 No


For further information, call (315) 524-8111



  • Highways Serving Area: New York State Routes 104 and 35O. Average daily traffic count on N.Y.S. Rte. 104: 26,645 (per N.Y.S.D.O.T.) (study 2003)
  • Distance to New York State Thruway: 20 miles (Exit #43-Manchester; 20 miles (Exit # 46-Henrietta)
  • Motor Freight Carriers: Serviced by all major distributors
  • Average commuting time to work: 19.7 minutes (U.S. 22.7 minutes)

Traffic Count Information: (Click on Site Index/Highway Data Services Bureau)

For the latest road, weather, and traffic conditions in New York, visit the NYS Dept. of Transportation's web site at The site also provides a link to the Traveler information Gateway which details real-time conditions affecting transportation systems throughout New York State.


  • Greater Rochester International Airport: 30 miles west of Ontario. Passengers using Rochester airport annually: 1,450,000(2005) (U.S. 2,411,280 - median of 128 airports) (1995)
  • Williamson-Sodus Airport:  A public-use, 24 hour facility located just a few miles east of Ontario.  The facility offers a 3,800 foot runway, parallel taxiway, aircraft parking apron, aircraft storage, flight training, aircraft maintenance, aircraft rental, supplies and fuel.  

For more information contact

Public Transportation

Wayne Area Transit System, (WATS) provides Park N' Ride service from Wayne County to Rochester through daily connection to Rochester Transit System.


Easy Access via rail sidings to approved industrial sites

Ontario Midland Railroad services Town of Ontario and Wayne County Frequency of switching service: 5 days a week

Shortline service: available

Passenger Service: via Amtrak @ Rochester Rail Station, 320 Central Ave.
Freight Service: via Conrail @ Rochester Rail Station, 320 Central Ave.


Nearest Navigable Waterway: Lake Ontario 0-10 miles
Via Town Owned Harbor
Port Facilities: Port of Rochester - 0-20 miles
Barge/Erie Canal: 0-10 miles


Business/Tax Incentives


William Riddell

Director of Economic Development

Phone: (315) 524-5908


Fax: (315) 524-7465

Wayne County Economic Development

16 Williams St, Lyons, NY 14489

Phone: (315) 946-5917

Fax: (315) 946-5918



Payments-In-Lieu of Taxes Policy

The Wayne County Industrial Development Agency has implemented a county-wide policy for the provision of real property tax exemptions for the manufacturing sector. With an increased assessment of valuation there is a 100% tax abatement for the first 5 years, and 50% abatement for the second 5 years.  An exemption on the 1% mortgage tax also applies. This same tax exemption is available for a hotel/motel with a minimum of 100 rooms.

Program 485-b, Business Property Tax Exemption

The 485-b Business Tax Exemption applies to county, town, and school district taxes.  It consists of a 50 percent exemption for the total increase in assessed value during the first year, for any construction or improvement exceeding $10,000.  The exemption is phased out 5 percent per year, over the next nine years. The 485-b Tax Exemption is available for all commercial and industrial projects including hotels and motels, but cannot be used in conjunction with the IDA PILOT program.  Application for this exemption must be filed within one year of the date of completion of the construction or improvement project.  A one page application, along with a copy of your Certificate of Occupancy,  to the assessor is all that is required.  Property must be used for service, retail, commercial, business or industrial activity.

Retail Incentives

50% exemption which decreases by 5% over a ten year period on town, county, and school taxes on new building or improvements made to existing building.  An 8% sales tax exemption on construction costs and a 1% mortgage tax exemption also apply.

Microenterprise Revolving Loan Fund

Provides technical and financial assistance to existing or new businesses to create or retain jobs in Wayne County. Business must show a willingness to collateralize the loan. AMOUNT: Up to $25,000. BUSINESS SIZE: Five or fewer employees including owner. Source of funds is a Community Block Grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Wayne County Industrial Site Fund

Wayne County has set up an Industrial Site Fund to assist municipalities with public infrastructure improvements required to locate a manufacturing facility. Wayne County will assist in the cost of any required public infrastructure improvements at 1/3 of the total cost or $100,000., whichever is less. This can include any public water lines, sewer lines, roads, curbing, lighting, etc. In a typical situation, the county pays one-third, the town pays one-third and the developer pays one-third.


Rochester Gas & Electric provides special development rates for economic development.  RG&E supplies consistent high level power that provides quality and reliability to the area.  No Brown Outs Here!

Ontario Township, Wayne County

A "Good Neighbor" business-friendly community. We've created a "red-tape free" environment where companies and their employees flourish and grow. We offer a rural atmosphere where open acreage and industrial sites abound - complete with highway access, rail sidings, sewers, tax incentive packages, and morel Aim high! Set your sites on Ontario Township, Wayne County, in New York State!