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Assessor's Office
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Assessor's OfficeAddress: 1850 Ridge Road, Ontario, NY 14519
Office: (315) 524-3226
Fax: (315) 524-4903
Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Robert Locke Ext. 400

Assessing Clerk
Melinda Sents Ext. 401

To find out if you qualify for an exemption or to get an exemption form go to:

The Town of Ontario is an annual valuation municipality. Assessment disclosure notices are mailed out the first part of March.


Important Dates on the Assessment CalendarMarch 1st - Taxable Status Date
The Assessor is required by New York State law to value property as it is on this date. A partially completed building will receive a partial assessment based on its estimated percentage of completion as of March 1st. If you suffer a loss to your property (ex: fire, demolition) after this date you will see no reduction for that loss on forthcoming roll. Exemption forms must be filed by this date also.

May 1st - Tentative Roll
The tentative roll is a list, in property I.D. order, of all Real property in the town as of Taxable Status Date. Some of the information on these parcels includes owner's names, locations, acreage, property class, assessed values, and exemptions.  Click here for the 2024 Tentative Assessment Roll.

4th Tuesday in May - Grievance Day
All complaints about assessments and exemptions must be received no later than this day. If you fail to file your complaint by grievance day, you will not be able to file again until the next year. The Board of Assessment Review begins its hearings on this date.

July 1st - Final Roll
Any changes made to the Tentative Roll by the Board of Assessment Review will show on this roll.

September 1st
School taxes become due, payable to the School Tax Collector.

January 1st
Town and County taxes become due, payable to the Town Tax Collector.


Additional Information
All property transfers are recorded in this office. New owner's names are recorded, as well as selling prices of properties involved. Sales verification letters are sent to ascertain the correctness of this information.

All property merges and splits are recorded and given an assessed value. Tax maps are also located in this office. They show the dimensions of parcels and their location in the Town.

Properties may be cross-referenced by location, owner's names, and property I.D.

New construction and renovations are reviewed and assessed.

Exemptions are administered by this office.

Some of the exemptions available are:

  • Veterans Exemption - must have served during a qualifying period of war (DD214 requested) - no renewal required.
  • Agricultural Exemption - must qualify and renew yearly.
  • Business Exemption - new construction or remodeling of an existing structure, must qualify.
  • Senior Citizen Exemption - 65 years or older, income based, including Social Security, yearly renewal required.
  • Basic Star Exemption - available to qualified homeowners, primary residence only, regardless of age. Income must be less than $500,000.
  • Enhanced Star Exemption - 65 years or older with income less than $ 86,300.00.
  • Yearly renewal required.
  • Low Income Disability - must submit one of the following: Award Letter from Social Security Administration; Award Letter from Railroad Retirement Board; Certificate from State Commission for the Blind and Visually handicapped. Yearly renewal required.
All exemptions above have a March 1st deadline.

Exemption forms are available at