Building Dept & Code Enforcement

Functions of Building Dept.

Office Address: 1850 Ridge Road, Ontario, NY 14519
Hours:  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Code Enforcement Officer
Brian Smith
Phone: (315) 524-7170 Ext. 300

Asst. Code Enforcement Officer
Charles Buss
Phone: (315) 524-7170 Ext. 304

Building Clerk
Michelle Humes
Phone: (315) 524-7170 Ext. 302

Planning / Zoning Clerk
Jeremy Ladd
Phone: (315) 524-7170 Ext. 306


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Functions of the Building Department
Building Permits – permit applications will be reviewed by the inspectors for compliance with all New York State building codes and town regulations.  All plans for new homes of 1500 S.F. or more of habitable area and any plans for additions costing $20,000.00 or more need to be signed by a New York State “Registered Architect” or “Licensed Professional Engineer”.  Two sets of prints should be submitted with the building permit, one with the aforementioned stamp, (being a wet seal stamp) and signature.  Building plans should be submitted two weeks prior to starting construction.

Inspections – performs all building construction inspections as mandated by the permit as well as public assembly inspections, code enforcement, zoning inspections and fire.

Fire Inspections – performs safety inspections for commercial and buildings of public assembly.

Flood Map/State/Federal/Wetlands – flood map information and state & federal wetland maps are available for the public to view. 


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