Town Hall has remained open since the beginning of the pandemic.  For a few weeks access was restricted to town hall requiring visitors to ring a doorbell and sign in to enter the building.  The doorbell is gone, however, temperature checks for employees remain in place as well as contact tracing records for all employees and visitors.  If you have questions, the main phone number for town hall is 315-524-7105.  Follow the prompts to be in touch with the department of choice.

COVID-19 data specific to Ontario is not available.  Here are the numbers for Wayne County as of 10-30-2020.  25,187 county residents have been tested. 24,674 tests were returned negative.  Wayne County has 513 confirmed cases.  There have been 6 deaths.

According to Dr. Scott Schabel, Medical Director of the Wayne County Nursing Home, "We are reviewing the guidance from NYSDOH and will prepare to follow it, but visitors are not permitted at this time."

MASKS ARE REQUIRED WHILE VISITING TOWN HALL.  Several hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the building.  Ample space is available to facilitate social distancing.

The public access meetings such as Town Board, Planning Board, etc. are being held at the Adult Activity Center at Casey Park, 6551 Knickerbocker Road.  If in doubt call town hall and inquire.  The Town Clerk can be reached at 315-524-7105 ext. 200.

Any other concerns; the Town Supervisor can be reached at extension 100.